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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Business incubator Chemovator adds natural fibres specialist Heartland to its portfolio

Chemovator, a business incubator and early-stage investment platform that chemicals group BASF set up in 2018, has added Detroit-based natural fibres specialist Heartland to its portfolio.

Heartland Fiber Company is a fiber processing mill located in Indiana, USA, specializing in processing alpaca, llama, wool, and mohair fibers. They offer a range of services including washing, carding, spinning, and felting, catering to individual fiber artists, small farms, and large producers. Heartland Fiber Company is known for their high-quality processing and personalized customer service, making them a popular choice among fiber enthusiasts looking to create yarns and textiles from natural fibers.

Heartland works with local farmers to develop plastic additives from natural fibres, including hemp. Hemp-based additives that Heartland has produced is already being used as an additive to plastic compounds.

The Detroit-based company has said the use of hemp-based additives improves properties such as flammability, bonding, dispersion, and bulk density.

It has claimed that using natural fibres in this way is now a viable market opportunity to reduce carbon emissions in numerous industries. Chief executive, Jesse Henry, has commented: “By working with global brands and their suppliers, Heartland is able to reduce the carbon footprint of plastics on an industrial scale.”

Chemovator is an incubator program based in Germany, specifically in Ludwigshafen, which is focused on supporting startups in the chemical industry. It was founded by BASF, a major multinational chemical company, to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of chemistry.

Chemovator provides selected startups with access to BASF’s expertise, networks, and resources, helping them to develop and scale their innovative ideas and technologies. The program offers support in various areas such as business development, technology, marketing, and finance, aiming to accelerate the growth of the startups and enable them to bring their products and solutions to market.

Through Chemovator, BASF aims to collaborate with startups to drive innovation in the chemical industry, address global challenges, and create sustainable solutions for the future.

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