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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Candiani produced Blue Seed cotton yarn converted to jeans by MADH

The first denim collection produced with regenerative, non-GMO cotton derived from a seed owned by Italian mill Candiani has been introduced by Swedish denim brand MADH.

MADH is a Swedish denim brand known for its sustainable and ethical approach to denim production. The brand focuses on creating high-quality denim products using organic and recycled materials. MADH also places a strong emphasis on fair labor practices and transparent supply chains. Their designs often feature clean lines and classic silhouettes, with a focus on timeless style rather than fast fashion trends. MADH’s commitment to sustainability and ethics has made it a popular choice among consumers looking for environmentally friendly clothing options.

Blue Seed has been developed in partnership with Gowan Seed Company, which is grown in Spain by Algosur using regenerative agriculture techniques. Italian mill Candiani claims the seed requires less water and chemicals and produces fibres with greater length and strength.

The MADH collection, consisting of both men’s and women’s jeans, sees the return of flare and boot-cut styles alongside wider leg options.

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