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Carvico and Jersey lomellina at Colombiatex 2020


The Revolutional® family of fabrics – high performance, breathable, shaping and with a perfect fit – expands with the addition of two new products, Revolutional® Sweet and Revolutional® Zenit, charming and surprising for their versatility, sexy and lightweight.

Pleasant to the touch and velvety on the skin, Revolutional® Sweet and Revolutional® Zenit boast the same characteristics of the other Revolutional® fabrics in a more feminine and elegant, sweet version. Strong and lightweight, they are both matt and ideal for sport ma but also beachwear and athleisure. They also boast an amazing color card comprising 24 exciting nuances designed to suit the most exigent tastes and requirements.

Revolutional® Sweet

Revolutional® Sweet Fabric
A versatile and sexy techno-fabric, Revolutional® Sweet is soft and fluid, lightweight, velvety and pleasant to the touch so as to embrace the silhouette ensuring a perfect fit and maximum comfort. Soft touch and super matt, Revolutional® Sweet is ideal for the creation of fun, trendy, cool beachwear, sportswear.

Revolutional® Zenit

Revolutional® Zenit
An extremely elastic, hyper comfortable techno-fabric, Revolutional® Zenit features a soft, delicate, embracing hand feel. Moreover, being compact and heavier than the other members of the family, it ensures a high muscular compression, a perfect fit and an excellent shape retention power over time. Its various techno-features and its stylish and super matt look, make Revolutional® Zenit ideal for high performance techno-garments.

Revolutional™ Eco

Revolutional Eco
The sustainable evolution of the Revolutional™ fabrics, thanks to the use of ECONYL® regenerated polyamide, Revolutional™ Eco ensures a perfect fit, remodels the silhouette without constraints, offers maximum protection against UV (UPF 50+) and is resistant to pilling, abrasions, chlorine and sand, The ideal fabric for truly eco-friendly garments.


Dover Jersey Lomellina
DOVER, THE NEW OTTOMAN FABRIC BY JERSEY LOMELLINA.Dover is the new ottoman fabric by Jersey Lomellina. Featuring a pronounced ribbed structure and a soft hand feel, thanks to its being quite lightweight and stretch, Dover is perfect for the creation of trendy beachwear collections for the fashion addicted.Comfortable and non-see-through, Dover is also suitable for sportswear, especially for the creation of inserts ensuring the right muscular support and a good flexibility when needed.

Renew Folk

Jersey Lomellina, Renew Folk
One of the latest additions to the wide range of eco-sustainable fabrics produced by Jersey Lomellina, Renew Folk is made of ECONYL®, a regenerated Nylon yarn from pre and post-consumer waste materials.

Boasting an elegant and functional, glossy and flat, ribbed structure, Renew Folk has been designed for the creation of trendy, fun and lively beachwear items. Ideal to be used alone to create original total outfits, or to be matched with other fabrics with a smooth surface.

Renew Wave

Jersey Lomellina, Renew Wave
Another brand new eco-sustainable fabric by Jersey Lomellina, Renew Wave is also made of ECONYL®, a regenerated Nylon yarn from pre and post-consumer waste materials.

Featuring a delicately three-dimensional texture reminding to rice grains, Renew Wave is heavy, compact, dynamic. Its structure creates intriguing light and shadow effects, ideal for the creation of contemporary, trendy and fashionable items.



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