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Chinese polyester exports cross 10,000 kilo tonnes milestone in 2023

Chinese polyester exports which include PSF, PFY, PET fibre chip, PET bottle chip and BOPET made a major breakthrough, when they crossed the milestone of 10,000 kilo tons for the first time in 2023.

“Polyester exports totaled 11,160 kilo tons in 2023, an increase of 1,280 kilo tons or 13 percent over 2022,” data from Chinese Customs informed.

PFY exports posted the highest growth amongst all polyester products, which was driven by a sharp increase in export volumes to India.

PFY and PSF exports recorded sharp growth in 2023, growing by 680 kilo tons and 210 kilo tons, respectively over its earlier year.

Chinese exports of PFY to India expanded by a significant 227 kilo tons, accounting for one-third of the overall rise in Chinese PFY exports.

PSF exports to Vietnam, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Poland expanded and exceeded 10,000 tons in the reporting year.

PET bottle chips exports rose by 240 kilo tons over 2022, while PET fibre chip and BOPET exports were nearly stable.

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