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CHT – Smart Chemistry with Character – officially awarded as “TOP PERFORMER” by Adidas

In its latest evaluation, adidas ranked the suppliers of chemical products and auxiliaries used in the manufacture of its products. The results illustrate why CHT’s sustainability strategy sets it apart from its competitors.

CHT is top formulator!
With 98 % ZDHC Level 3 auxiliaries and colorants in its portfolio CHT is supplier of choice in this ranking. On the one hand, this pays off the high innovative strength of CHT’s research and development, and on the other hand, it clearly shows that CHT is the preferred partner for the sustainable chemical treatment of certifiable brand products.

CHT is leading partner
For suppliers of adidas, this means that CHT is confirmed as the leading partner in the textile industry.
CHT Group sees itself in a responsible position as a manufacturer and supplier of sustainable chemical products along the textile value chain. As a foundation-owned company, CHT has this responsibility firmly anchored in its strategy.

CHT drives innovation
According to CHT’s own self-image, being innovative means taking responsibility for the future. For this reason, the Tübingen-based company pursues a strategy of sustainable product ranges in all business areas.
CHT also supports its customers with comprehensive individual application advice for maximum sustainable success at all levels.

CHT invests in sustainable textile value chains
In 2022, the CHT Group generated 77 % of its total sales with sustainably classified products. The company’s own research and development is working ceaselessly to make the entire textile value chain more sustainable.

Customers from the manufacturing textile industry benefit from CHT’s comprehensive know-how and the highest technical expertise in machine application. The entire textile industry is now faced with markets and consumers that place the highest demands on sustainably produced textiles, want transparency with regard to materials and production, and demand proof.

CHT feels home in textile standards
In this regard, CHT has already been active as a ZDHC Contributor since 2019 with a comprehensive range of more than 2200 certified products. Of these, 70 % are textile auxiliaries and 30 % are dyes in the portfolio that are certified to Level 3 ZDHC, bluesign® or C2C standards.

With high-performance products and comprehensive technical application advice, CHT offers textile producers the opportunity to supply brands and retailers with demonstrably sustainably produced textiles at the highest level.
To this end, CHT fully supports its customers and business partners and invests extensively in compliance and regulatory measures. Especially in the textile sector, the group of companies cooperates with all renowned standards and labels. Among others bluesign®, C2C or GOTS. Especially in the context of the ZDHC program, CHT is a global leader. More than 2200 products certified by CHT currently reach LEVEL 3, the highest possible level for safe textile chemistry. It is particularly noteworthy that this includes textile auxiliaries (70 %) as well as dyes and pigments (30 %). This is a big plus for textile customers of the CHT Group, who get everything from a single source.

In addition, CHT Group has been one of the driving forces when a group of 10 internationally renowned chemical companies decided to become ZDHC Contributors in the summer of 2019. Together, ZDHC members develop and implement methods and tools for safer chemical management. To conserve resources and the environment, and to protect people and nature. CHT Group is involved in several ZDHC task teams and is also a member of the ZDHC internal Chemical Industry Advisory Group (CIAG).

Benoit Moutault, Group Vice President of CHT’s Business Field Textile:
“I am proud of this great achievement. Our strategy is consistently geared to the sustainability of the textile value chain, and our efforts have been impressively confirmed here. I am very pleased that this performance is underpinned by a major brand such as adidas. This motivates us to continue on our path to support and accompany our customers in producing more sustainable textiles.”

For more information, visit www.cht.com

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