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CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics exhibits Durable Fabric Technologies at IGATEX

IGATEX“Pakistan is a critical market for the CORDURA® brand, and with iTextiles’ support, we’re growing rapidly to expand our foundation of durable, long-lasting fiber technologies locally and globally. As a 55-year-old brand, we continue to invest and expand our capabilities to offer durable solutions that offer comfort and reliability.” Malayka Erpen. Global Consumer Segment Leader. CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics.

“It was a no brainer to invite CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics to exhibit at our IGATEX booth, as its durable, long-lasting fabric technologies are a must-have for garment makers and sourcing agents. We are transforming Pakistan’s textile landscape through performance technologies, which includes partners like CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics. We’re eager to display these innovations at IGATEX.” Mujeeb Ullah Khan. Chief Executive Officer. iTextiles (Pvt) Ltd.

A curated collection of CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics is coming to Pakistan. Explore the brand’s fabric technologies at this year’s IGATEX, May 1-4 in Lahore, in collaboration with iTextiles. Conference attendees can stop by the iTextiles booth (B-22, Hall 3) to learn more about CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics on display, meet with the team and make sourcing inquiries.

CORDURA® fabric is a primary ingredient in many of the world’s leading high-performance gear and apparel products ranging from casual apparel and activewear to footwear, backpacks, military/tactical wear, and workwear. Durability and abrasion resistance are two key attributes that help CORDURA® branded fabrics stand out in the world of motorcycle and workwear applications. Especially when used for reinforcement, durability and reliability are more important than ever, and represent a significant shift in attitude when it comes to purchasing. Ingredient branded fibers such as CORDURA® continue to serve as anchor points that provide tried and proven performance for both brand partners and customers.

With a special focus on motorcycle, workwear and active wear applications, CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics at the iTextiles booth include: CORDURA® Denim Fabric for motorcycle wear, as well as CORDURA® NYCO Fabric and CORDURA® TrueLock™ Fabric for workwear.

CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics are used by major global brands, from Carhartt, Dickies and Timberland, to Snickers Workwear, Englebert Strauss, Blaklader and more. Here’s a look at the fabric technologies that will be highlighted in the iTextiles Booth at IGATEX.

The Fabrics.CORDURA TrueLock™ FabricCORDURA TrueLock™ Fabric is engineered with high-tenacity nylon 6,6 multi-filament fiber that locks in the color at the molten polymer extrusion level to create deep, durable color throughout the entire fiber structure. CORDURA TrueLock™ Fabric has excellent color fastness, UV-fade and abrasion resistance, extended UV strength stability, and long-lasting color vibrancy. Color consistency is crucial when pairing fabric with other materials such as webbing and elastic to create uniform garments and gear.

Additionally, compared to conventional level acid piece dyeing to SDN, the process used to make CORDURA TrueLock™ Fabric uses less water, energy and creates fewer greenhouse gases*.

Characteristics include:

  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, tear and tensile strength
  • Lot-to-lot & Multi-component Color Consistency
  • Dull Matte – non-shiny appearance
  • Inherent IR capability
  • 100% high tenacity nylon 6,6 filament fiber

CORDURA TrueLock™ Fabric is available in Desert Sand, Tan-499, Coyote-498, Ranger Green, Camo Green-483, Wolf Gray and Black**.

CORDURA® Denim Fabric
Designed to help hard-working jeans last longer than traditional 100% cotton denim. CORDURA® Denim Fabric is engineered with a blend of INVISTA nylon 6,6 high tenacity staple fiber and cotton for an authentic denim look and feel with enhanced abrasion resistance and toughness.

Characteristics include:

  • 6.0 oz (205 gm2) and above
  • At least 4X more durable than cotton denim***
  • Authentic look and hand feel
  • Nylon 6,6 fiber
  • Excellent abrasion and tear resistance
  • Long-lasting color performance

Originally designed as a rugged, lightweight comfort solution for military uniforms, hardwearing CORDURA® NYCO Fabric is engineered with a blend of INVISTA nylon 6,6 staple fiber and cotton and offers enhanced abrasion and tear resistance performance.

Characteristics include:

  • Optional stretch for added ease-of-movement
  • Rugged – 3x more abrasion resistant than a
    heavier 65/35 poly/cotton fabric****
  • Comfort – high cotton content
  • Strong – excellent tear strength
  • Authentic – look of classic woven cotton

Explore More.
Not attending IGATEX, or want to peruse more than what is on display at the booth? To explore more opportunities to design with CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics and have direct access to the portfolio, check out the CORDURA® Fabric Finder – a digital fabric library that allows brands to navigate a user-friendly digital interface to view an assortment of more than 800 fabrics. Shop certified CORDURA®
fabrics for a wide range of commercial products from bags, packs, accessories and footwear, through to active sports apparel and workwear.

This collaborative platform provides CORDURA® strategic partner mills with a showcase for their newest collections, award-winning fabrics and sustainable innovations. It also creates a virtual space for designers and makers to connect directly with the CORDURA® team. This resource is a free tool to support collaboration and provide durable inspiration. Efficiently navigate, explore and order samples digitally.

For more information on CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics, please visit cordura.com. To set up an appointment at IGATEX, or to talk about the use of CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics for your next project, please contact Erdal Merttuk, CORDURA® Business Manager, Turkey, Middle East, Africa, Near East, at Erdal.Mertturk@invista.com.

*2013 LCA study based on the average comparison of conventional level acid Piece Dyeing to SDN at 3 independent/3rd party dyeing and finishing mills.
** Numbers denote US Military color specification.
***Based on 465 g/m2 denim fabric. Results based on Martindale abrasion BS EN ISO 12947-2:1999 with standard woolen abradant/12KPa weight. Fabric washed in accordance with industrial laundry specification ISO 6330 (6N, F).
****6.5 oz/yd2 CORDURA® NYCO Fabric MIL-SPEC and 7.0 oz/yd2 65/35 poly/cotton. All fabrics laundered 5 times according to AATCC 135 (3, V, Aiii) before testing. Tested according to ISO 12947-2: 5 micron abradant, 9 kPa.

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