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Customs assures APTMA to remove all irritants in exports says collector Customs

Ms. Azmat Tahira, Collector Customs Lahore, has informed All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) that customs have successfully removed all procedural irritants in the smooth flow of export consignments.

She was addressing APTMA members at APTMA House, Lahore. Ms. Farah Farooq, Additional Collector Customs, Lahore and Syed Kareem Adil, Deputy Director, IOCO, accompanied her.

Senior Vice Chairman APTMA Mr. Asad Shafi, along with Mr. Habib Anwar, Mr. Anjum Zafar, and Secretary General Mr. Raza Baqir, welcomed the guests on the occasion.

Collector Customs Lahore highly appreciated the contribution of APTMA members towards enhancing textile exports from the country, saying that the Customs department would leave no stone unturned to facilitate exports of the textile sector.

Ms. Azmat Tahira informed exporters that the most ardent demand for expeditious issuance of an Analysis Certificate has been amicably resolved. She announced that the Input Output Coefficient Organisation (IOCO) of FBR and Customs Collectorate would now onwards issue Input Output ratios and wastages as per determinations made in Textile Notes compiled by FBR a few years ago. She added that these determinations made by the FBR team in consultation with Trade Associations, the National Textile University, Industry experts, and leading exporters was a mutually agreed document and would be followed in letter and spirit.

Meeting held at APTMA House, Lahore.

Collector announced an open door policy for exporters explaining that exporters may walk into the offices of all customs officers without any prior appointment in case of any issue, delay, or any connected problem.

Ms. Azmat Tahira assured exporters that the systems-related issues would also be resolved shortly. She vowed to personally take up the matter with the Directorate General of Reforms and Automation to ensure that all held-up requests for the development and deployment of amendments in software are implemented without any further delay.

In response to the demand against the maintenance of customs records in duplicate both in manual and electronic formats, she announced that from now onwards exporters would be required to file all documents only electronically and the condition of simultaneous manual submission is being done away with immediate effect.

Earlier Senior Vice Chairman APTMA Mr. Asad Shafi briefly highlighted the issues being faced by users of the Export Facilitation Scheme (EFS) especially delays at various stages of processing.

Speaking on the occasion leading exporters of the country including Mr. Anjum Zafar, Mr. Habib Anwar, and Mr. Faisal Pervaiz demanded for issuance of Analysis Certificates based on determinations already made in FBR Textile Notes.

Most of the exporters presented their compliments to the Collector and her team for their proactive approach in resolving the issues of the trade and Industry in general and exporters in particular. They hoped that such a facilitative mode would be replicated elsewhere as well.

Mr. Mohammad Raza Baqir extended a vote of thanks to the visiting Collector Customs Lahore at the end of the meeting and proposed that such interactions between the trade and customs may continue in the future for the facilitation of exports.

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