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Denim to continue its dominance in high end fashion

An official of Denim Première Vision (Denim PV), has expressed confidence that denim’s place in the world of high-end fashion will continue.

Denim Première Vision is a trade show dedicated to denim and held twice a year. The event serves as a platform for professionals in the denim industry, including fabric manufacturers, garment manufacturers, designers, and other stakeholders, to showcase their products, innovations, and trends. The latest edition of the show took place in Milan on November 22 and 23.

The trade show typically features a wide range of denim-related products, including denim fabrics, clothing, accessories, and technologies. It provides an opportunity for industry players to connect, exchange ideas, and stay updated on the latest developments in the denim sector.

The exhibition created a “palpable excitement in the aisles”. The quality of denim by the exhibitors was of a very high level, across the board, regardless of origins. The show proved that denim is no more an American specialty and quality with innovation was from across exhibitors.

This has convinced the Denim Première Vision (Denim PV), that denim will keep its prominent spot in the luxury world. The Denim PV show manager explained that denim industry was in a state of transition, but he said the same was true of the entire global textile industry as it strives to achieve “sustainable, high-quality, cutting-edge production.”

The event attracted 69 exhibitors from around the world. The number of visitors increased by 16 percent from the earlier Denim PV held in November last year.

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