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Developer of Cotton Ace app receives $3.3mn grant from Google

Wadhwani AI has bagged a $3.3 million grant from Google, to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals.

Wadhwani AI’s existing Cotton Ace app, which aids farmers in managing pests in cotton crops, will now be expanded to safeguard India’s other crops.

The Cotton Ace app currently allows farmers to upload pictures of pests, which are then analyzed by AI to offer data-driven solutions for addressing cotton crop damage.

The app also provides real-time information on weather, farming techniques, and crop prices. This technology has already increased farmers’ profits by 20 percent and reduced pesticide expenses by 25 percent.

With this new grant, Wadhwani AI intends to apply its AI-powered pest mitigation technology to staple crops like rice, wheat, and corn, aligning with the UN’s goal of zero hunger.

The expansion of Wadhwani AI’s contributions to India’s agricultural knowledge systems is expected to bolster sustainable farming practices and improve farmers’ livelihoods.

This project ultimately aims to make valuable agricultural information accessible through voice commands in various Indian languages.

“The grant aligns with Google’s mission to support change-makers using technology to address significant global challenges,” Annie Lewin, Senior Director of Global Advocacy and Head of Asia Pacific at Google said.

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