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Don’t Skip Rainy Days with DyStar’s Evo® Protect DWR

Protection from the elements while engaging in outdoor activities is crucial. The key to comfort during any outdoor adventure in varying weather conditions is durable water-repellent outerwear. Jackets and pants made with durable water-repellent fabrics are essential for staying dry so that you can fully enjoy your time outside, regardless of the weather conditions. There is a wide variety of water-resistant
fabrics and materials used by companies to manufacture their outdoor gear. At DyStar, they use Evo® Protect DWR, a bio-based, high-performance water repellent to help you stay dry with the right jacket or pants for your outdoor pursuits.

Excellent Repellency Effect with Lasting Durability
Durable Water Repellent, or DWR, is a crucial treatment for outdoor apparel. It shields the fabric’s outer layer from precipitation, preventing saturation which can compromise performance. However, factors like abrasion and dirt can diminish DWR’s effectiveness over time, leading to reduced water repellency.

In the case of Evo® Protect DWR, a spray test performance according to AATCC 22 / ISO4920 was conducted to study the textile’s resistance to surface wetting by water. Different textiles treated with the product achieved a rating of at least 80 after 20 washes, showing its high durability to home laundering. Fabrics treated with Evo Protect DWR show resistance as well to dry-cleaning. As such, a textile treated with Evo® Protect DWR is expected to have an extended lifespan where end users can reduce the frequency of replacements and contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

Bio-based for the Eco-Conscious Consumers
With increasing awareness of environmental footprints, consumers prioritize bio-based products as they are based on renewable sources. DyStar’s Evo Protect DWR contains 36% bio-based carbon content. The bio-based carbon percentage is measured in accordance with ASTM D6866-22 Method B (AMS) TOC and reported results are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. By supporting a more sustainable approach to resource management, Evo Protect DWR helps minimize the environmental impact of consumer goods over their lifecycle.

Versatile Suitability and Streamlined Single-Product Application
DyStar’s fluorine-free water-repellent Evo Protect DWR is suitable for cellulosic fibers, synthetic fibers and their blend, providing excellent repellency against water and water-based stains. It does not require an additional crosslinker in the finishing bath and is easy to use due to its single-product application. To find out more, get in touch with DyStar via www.dystar.com/contact-dystar/.

DyStar, econfidence and Evo are registered trademarks of DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH, DE.

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