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ECOSYSTEX to gather and decimate all information on EU textile sustainability

An EU-funded project has been launched to coordinate EU-funded research and investment projects which endeavor to make the textiles industry more sustainable and circular.

The project called European Community of Practice for a Sustainable Textile Ecosystem (ECOSYSTEX) has been jointly launched by the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency (REA), the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), and the Circular-Biobased Europe Joint Undertaking.

The project will be central to the latest research and information on every matter related to textile sustainability and circularity. The founding members of the project are 17, which include CISUTAC, TRICK, HEREWEAR, IRISS, SUSTRACK, CIRPASS, tExtended, ALIGNED, New Cotton, T-REX, my-fi, SCIRT, EFFECTIVE, WhiteCycle, Waste2BioComp, Glaukos, and GRETE_Project EU.

The network would ensure collaboration within the project besides sharing the best practices and other related knowledge. It will also engage with the policymakers and seek support on policy design and its implementation. Besides this, it will disseminate information about textile-related EU research and innovation projects.

All past and present European-funded projects focusing on textile sustainability and circularity are eligible for the Membership of ECOSYSTEX. This project aims to ensure that both policymakers and stakeholders do not miss any information, data, or insight. It would facilitate them to make the right legislation and also make implementation impactful.

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