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Environmental friendly plants derived material to replace petroleum-based synthetic fiber

Bioworks showed PlaX filament and staple fiber, an environmentally friendly material derived from plants that can replace petroleum-based synthetic fiber, to realize a sustainable, recycling-oriented society during the international textile fair Première Vision Paris on February 6-8, 2024, in Paris/France.

Bioworks, also known as biological fabrication, is a field that involves using biological systems to produce materials, chemicals, and products. This can include using microorganisms like bacteria or yeast, or even cells from plants or animals, to create useful substances.

One of the key areas of bioworks is synthetic biology, where scientists engineer biological systems to perform specific tasks or produce desired compounds. This can range from producing biofuels and pharmaceuticals to creating new materials with unique properties.

In collaboration with Takisada Nagoya Co. Ltd., Nagoya/Japan, a fiber trading company, Bioworks presented a filament jersey material. Furthermore, during the trade show materials developed with fabric manufacturer A-Girl’s and Italian yarn (wool PlaX) developed with the Italian spinning company Zegna Balfa were unveiled.

The advanced, carbon-neutral PlaX material boasts enhanced quality through its composition of polylactic acid (PLA), a bioplastic derived from sugarcane and other plant-based materials. Developed by Bioworks, this material has the potential to replace synthetic fibers like polyester and pave the way for new applications.

Standing out for its reduced CO2 emissions during yarn production and compatibility with chemical recycling, PlaX is not only environmentally friendly but also contributes to resource circularity. It has been created in a way that reduces CO2 emissions during disposal and does not generate harmful substances. Moreover, PlaX is biodegradable, decomposing into water and CO2 by microorganisms.

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