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Finishing first with Monforts at Techtextil 2024

Monforts – which celebrates its 140th anniversary this year – continues to lead the field in finishing and coating technologies for technical textiles. The company is looking forward to many fruitful discussions on the scope of existing and new processes and applications at the forthcoming Techtextil show in Frankfurt.

Monforts European-built Montex stenters have earned their leading position for fabric finishing in the technical textiles field as a result of their robustness and lifetime, versatility, reliability, economy and ecology.

Existing customers include many manufacturers making geotextiles, automotive fabrics and other functional materials, while dedicated Montex lines have also been supplied to producers of airbags, flame-retardant barrier fabrics and spacer fabrics.

Wovens, knits and nonwovens
Among recent installations, a line supplied to Albarrie in Ontario, Canada, is treating specialised needle-punched nonwovens up to 4mm thick for filter media and performance fabrics, while over in northern France, Dickson-Constant has installed a bespoke Montex line at its second plant, to meet the growing demand for its range of well-known sun protection and outdoor upholstery fabrics.

Germany still enjoys the leading position in the production of European technical textiles, and GTA in Neresheim is now employing three wide-width Montex lines for the production of fault-free substrates for the digital printing market based on 100% polyester warp knits.

“I have to say that the Monforts after-service has been perfect and there has been no shortage of quality, expertise and service on which we have drawn,” says GTA Managing Director Andreas Niess.

As a leading contract finisher of technical textiles for the automotive, aerospace, home furnishings and workwear markets, Knopf’s Sohn has also recently installed a fully automated Montex stenter at its plant in Helmbrechts.

Dolinschek in Baden-Württemberg meanwhile manufactures an extensive number of technical products including automotive components, geotextiles and wallcoverings, but also those for more unusual applications such as inlays for extractor hoods, cut protection fabrics and even wool felts which are employed as insulation on wind turbines. Dolinschek has developed and commercialised its own proprietary dyeing machines, but for finishing technology relies on Monforts, and has installed a seven chamber Montex TwinAir stenter range.

Dolinschek has also installed a Montex®Coat coating unit in knife execution, enabling the coating of dimensionally stable knitted fabrics with
polyurethane or acrylate.

The Montex®Coat enables full PVC coatings, pigment dyeing or minimal application surface and low penetration treatments, as well as solvent coatings to be carried out. Its key technical applications include tents, tarpaulins and awnings, black-out roller blinds and sail cloth, automotive interior fabrics and medical disposables.

Other recent Montex®Coat installations include a unit for providing an anti-slip and textured backing to upholstery fabrics with a stable and uniform foam via knife-over-roller coating at Altun Tekstil in Bursa, Turkey, and a combined Montex®Coat and Montex stenter range for Scottish weatherproofing specialist Halley Stevensons at its plant in Dundee.

“The precise process control functions of the Monforts line give our technicians the confidence to make new products as well as finely tuning the energy requirements of existing products,” says Halley Stevensons Managing Director James Campbell. “We love the fact that we can record the energy used on each production batch and use this for continual improvements and efficiency savings. The touchscreen software is visual and easy to use, moving from one screen to another to check the various parameters of processing.”

Glimpse of the future

“It’s the sheer diversity of applications for technical fabrics that makes Techtextil always such an exciting show for us,” says Monforts marketing manager Nicole Croonenbroek. “You really get a glimpse of the future and there are always growing opportunities in a number of rapidly expanding markets, such as the current need for new energy storage and transportation, for example, or the electrification of vehicles, where advanced materials can solve newly-arising challenges. At Techtextil 2024 we will be exhibiting a further new development
for advanced coating about which we’ll be providing further details shortly.”

Monforts to debut the coaTTex at Techtextil 2024
Monforts will launch its new coaTTex coating unit exclusively dedicated to air knife and knife-over-roller coating. For single-sided application with paste or foam, the versatile coaTTex is suitable for both incorporation into existing finishing ranges as well as installation with new Monforts lines, notably the industry-leading Montex stenter systems.

A wide range of coatings can be applied to fabrics for providing functions such as waterproofing, liquid and gas protection and breathability, in addition to foam lamination and coating, including black-out coating.

The considerable technical textile end-use applications envisaged for the coaTTex range from window blinds to abrasive cloths and from airbags to sails.

With an operational speed of up to 40 metres per minute, coaTTex units are available in nominal widths of between 1800mm to 3600mm and their robust construction is characterised by a rotating beam for the fixation of up to three different knife executions.

Central adjustment of both the horizontal and vertical position of the beam, and also of the knife angle, enables easy adaptation to new projects and automatic tension control guarantees high-quality production. In addition, the cleaning blade for the coating roller is pneumatically controlled, as is the lifting of the beam at seams and clamping during fabric standstill.

“The coaTTex is our response to a demand from the market for a reliable coater that can be up and running very quickly, is easy to operate, and enables a wide range of performance properties to be imparted on fabrics extremely economically,” says Monforts Marketing Manager Nicole Croonenbroek. “We are excited to be launching it at Techtextil in Frankfurt and looking forward to discussing its great potential with interested parties.”

Monforts is at stand C58 in Hall 12 at Techtextil 2024.

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