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HUNTSMAN textile effects introduces ERIOPON® E3-save dyeing


Eco-friendly dyeing auxiliary saves time, water and energy by enabling pre-scouring, dyeing and reduction clearing in a single –bath.

Huntsman Textile Effects introduces the breakthrough ERIOPON® E3-SAVE dyeing auxiliary for the new “single-bath scour-dye-reduction clear concept” providing the shortest possible processing cycle for polyester thus saving time, water, energy and cost.

The demand for polyester and man-made fibers is booming as sports and athleisure apparel markets expand rapidly around the world. At the same time, brands, consumers and mills are increasingly focused on sustainability and performance resulting in raising demand for optimization of the costly, time consuming and resource intensive polyester dyeing process.

Developed by Huntsman Textile Effects specifically to meet these challenges, the advanced all-in-one ERIOPON® E3-SAVE dyeing auxiliary is engineered to help the mills achieve considerable savings in the water, energy and time for the intensive process of dyeing polyester and its blends by combining pre-scouring, dyeing and reduction clearing in a single bath.

“ERIOPON® E3-SAVE dyeing auxiliary delivers in all critical stages of polyester dyeing from pre-scouring to washing-off for exceptional performance and environmental and economic sustainability. Its environmental credentials offer mills greater processing flexibility and an optimum price-performance ratio,” said Oliver Gerlach, Global Marketing Manager for Process Chemicals at Huntsman Textile Effects. “We expect this latest offering to support the textile industry’s drive towards more ecofriendly practices.”

With cutting-edge polymer technology at its heart, ERIOPON® E3-SAVE auxiliary can be used to successfully dye in jet applications without the need for anti-foaming products. The superior leveling of ERIOPON® E3-SAVE auxiliary also increases reproducibility, allowing mills to dispense with additional leveling agents.

Polyester, microfibers and blends treated with ERIOPON® E3-SAVE auxiliary comply with the requirements of bluesign®, Level 3 of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Gateway (ZDHC) and the Restricted Substances Lists of international brands, in addition to being suitable for processing of textiles in compliance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).



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