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Friday, February 23, 2024

India launches Cotton Bale Identification & Traceability System

India’s government-owned cotton buying and trading agency, Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) has unveiled the ‘Bale Identification and Traceability System’ (BITS) using Blockchain Technology.

CCI debuted the traceability system at a conference titled ‘Enhancing Quality & Productivity of Indian Cotton through Policy, Innovation, & Technology Upgradation’, which was organized to celebrate World Cotton Day.

CCI has premiered BITS to ensure that the origin, variety, quality, and other vital parameters of cotton are transparent to both Indian and global buyers of cotton.

Each cotton bale will have a QR code that will permit easy tracking of its original source, processing factory, storage details, and associated cotton quality information.

The conference highlighted best practices and sustainable farming methods throughout the cotton value chain, spanning the 5F’s – farm to fibre to the factory to fashion to foreign.

There were sessions on topics like ‘Enhancing Sustainability & Circularity in the Cotton Value Chain’ and ‘Cotton Mission for Enhancing Quality & Productivity.’

On the occasion, the Indian Textiles Ministry also introduced Kasturi Cotton, a brand launched by the ministry. Indian ginners will be able to produce and supply Kasturi cotton by following quality protocols.

The Ministry of Textiles also unveiled the event brochure for the 81st Plenary meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), which will take place from December 2-5, 2023.

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