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Interloop’s loomshake used by famous Guess in denim        

Los Angeles denim business Guess has designed Interloop’s Loomshake technology into its newest sustainability-minded jeanswear, the latter has revealed.

Guess is an American fashion brand known for its denim apparel and accessories. Founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, Guess has become synonymous with contemporary fashion, particularly its signature denim jeans. The brand initially gained popularity for its iconic stonewashed, slim-fitting jeans, epitomizing the casual-chic style of the 1980s.

Interloop is a global textile manufacturer renowned for its expertise in sock production. Interloop has gained recognition for its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and high-quality products. It has expanded its product portfolio beyond socks, venturing into other segments of the textile industry, such as activewear, knitwear, and denim. The company has collaborated with renowned brands and retailers worldwide, leveraging its expertise to deliver premium-quality textiles and garments tailored to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

The brand relaunched Guess Jeans by Nicolai Marciano in early January, following in the footsteps of Dinner Service NY, which released hosiery with cotton-and-banana-fibre-blended Loomshake last year. Yarns typically contain 8-20 percent upcycled banana waste fibers sourced from Interloop-owned farmland in Sindh, with end-to-end traceability secured by the producer’s own Looptrace system.

Loomshake’s incorporation in Guess denim marks a “strategic” milestone in its development, shared senior marketing and communications manager Noor Jehan Sadiq: its first commercial application.

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