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Itema providing best-in-class weaving solutions at ITMACH India


Itema, the global leading provider of best-in-class weaving solutions, including weaving machines, OEM spare parts and integrated services, is exhibiting at ITMACH India (Booth C1) from December 5th – 8th at The Exhibition Centre in Ahmedabad.

From the weaving technology point of view, the Itema team will deeply illustrate to ITMACH visitors the latest novelties and advancements implemented by the company. In particular, on the airjet weft insertion side – which is the most diffused weaving technology in the Region – Itema launched on the market during ITMA 2019 in Barcelona the Second Generation of its airjet model, the A9500-2.


The A9500-2, the Second Generation of the Itema airjet A9500 and A9500p, sums up all the best features of its predecessors and further enhances machine performances, cost savings and textile efficiency.

Gujarat Region is famous for the high concentration of denim weaving mills, and Itema provides specific and unique-in-the-industry features to weave denim on its airjet machine.

The popular recent trend to weave stretch and super stretch denim fabrics with dedicated weft yarns inspired Itema to create and patent the innovative BLC – Brush Lycra Clamp – nozzle to weave elastic weft yarns. Thanks to the BLC nozzle, the weft is held without movable parts to ensure superior fabric quality and reliability. The device is simple and yet ingenious: the BLC is fixed into the main nozzle performing the valuable task of keeping the elastic weft yarn avoiding defects due to the continuous air flow.

The Itema A9500-2, featuring these advanced innovations, ensures the weaver the possibility to weave faster, producing better fabrics and with a smarter usage of resources.

Itema acquisition of Schoch
Moreover, ITMACH will be the first formal platform to introduce to the Indian textile industry stakeholders the new partnership between Itema and Schoch, the leading producer of reeds and accessories for textile looms headquartered in Italy and in India, of which Itema recently acquired majority stakes.

Following to the acquisition of majority stakes in Lamiflex completed in 2017 and the recent agreement reached with PTMT (ex Panter) finalized to the establishment of Itematech – the Itema Technical Textiles Division, the agreement signed with Schoch group represents a further significant step for the synergic development of key weaving machine’s accessories as well as a remarkable reinforcement of Schoch commercial network.



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