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Jeanologia backs the textile industry in India by developing sustainable technology


Jeanologia, a Spanish company which develops sustainable and efficient technology, is helping the Indian textile industry in redefining their production and is contributing to the consolidation of its digital revolution.

The key that drives the change in India is establishment of a new operating model which brings the jean industry into the digital era along with reducing the environmental impact and optimizing time to market.

Mr Manuj Kanchan, Asia Area Manager Jeanologia says, “As a technology partner, we support the main brands and laundries in the country on their way to a digital revolution”.

80% production for garment finishing is done using sustainable technology from Jeanologia technology and the percentage keep increasing on yearly basis.

Innovative and sustainable collection
Jeanologia at Denimsandjeans will be presenting their collection which is made in India on a totally digital production model in which environmentally and manually dangerous processes are replaced and eliminated by eco-efficient processes that are also respectful for workers health.

The combination of Jeanologia technologies, laser, ozone and eflow, combined with the correct selection of fabric using our Light Sensitive Fabric tool, allows for a saving of 80% in water and 50% in chemical usage, shortening production time by 30%.

The environmental impact of the collection has been analyzed with the EIM (Environmental Impact Measurement), the Jeanologia software that measures water, energy and chemical consumption during the production process. All of the garments from the collection have an EIM score of low environmental impact, contributing to a minimal impact on its surroundings.

The dawn of new era in denim conference
During Denimsandjeans, Jeanologia will lead an alliance with the main industry agents in India. With the objective of a complete detoxication of garment production and will present the keys to the “dehydration” of the jeans finishing industry by 2025 with a neutral cost and through sustainable solutions.



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