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Lee’s New Jeans Offers Promising Sustainability


The Famous denim brand Lee Jeans is proud to launch a new collection of jeans, titled, ‘Back to Nature,’ which is more of fully biodegradable jeans, except the buttons which can easily be unscrewed and reused. Taking full advantage of the new sustainability, the customer can throw the jeans into the ‘compost bin’ or donate. The collection is designed from compostable linen (cotton to flaux linen ration 85:15) with no rivets.

Lee has moved away from the traditional style of classic waistband leather patch by a soft faux-leather material made from cellulosic fibres and acrylic polymers, called as Jacron, which is also used by the Swedish Brand Nudie Jeans.

The clothing line shows four products: The Riider jacket and jeans with a version of each for men and women. However, for women, the female jacket is available with a belt and the pair of jeans has a wide leg, as said by British Media Reports.

The ‘Back to Nature’ forms part of ‘Lee Jeans Sustainability Project’ ‘For a World That Works’ which has two other campaigns including one to find alternatives to existing dyeing processes. 



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