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Loepfe WEFTMASTER® SFB  for efficient manufacturing of geotextiles

Loepfe has established itself in the field of optical yarn clearers with pioneering achievements. Today, Loepfe is considered worldwide as the specialist for integral quality control systems. Loepfe yarn clearers monitor fifty percent of the worldwide staple fiber yarn production. Geotextiles are an ever-growing market, with one prime consideration for producers – machine efficiency. There are TWO reasons why weaving mills in this segment rely on a proven Loepfe solution from the WeftMaster® series: Firstly, weaving mills achieve a high level of efficiency during the weaving process by using the WeftMaster SFB electronic weft thread brake. As the number of weft breaks can be substantially reduced, production is not interrupted – and weft break repair time is also saved.

More information can be found on how the WeftMaster SFB weft brake increases machine efficiency here: Higher production efficiency. https://www.loepfe.com/news/higher-production-efficiency

Geotextiles are used for basic functions such as filtration, drainage, separation of soil layers, reinforcement, or stabilization in locations like road and railway embankments, earth dikes, and coastal protection structures. And, of course, to aid in plant propagation by holding seeds, fertilizers, and topsoil in place. In fabric production, a distinction is made between woven, non-woven, and knitted geotextiles. Woven fabrics are said to have a higher resilience since woven fabrics are reinforced by thread-crossing thread, which creates a strong barrier. Weaving mills are nevertheless subject to price pressure and therefore many manufacturers decide to dispense with the prewinder device. This eliminates the need for its purchase, cleaning, and maintenance. While this approach contains a drawback in machine efficiency caused by different incidents, the latter can be completely overcome with the advantages of WeftMaster SFB.

Secondly, weaving directly from the bobbin creates yarn tension differences due to the diameter differences between a full bobbin and an almost empty bobbin. This leads to weft breaks, loose weft, weft burst, and lost weft. The WeftMaster SFB compensates for the tension differences perfectly and prevents all of these issues and weaving directly from the bobbin goes effortlessly.

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