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Trützschler and Zagis: Long partnership, strong performance 

Zagis S.A. de C.V. is a family-owned spinning and knitting company in Tepeji del Río, Mexico, with a long history and big ambitions for a more sustainable future. Innovation is at the heart of its 60-year success story. By partnering with Trützschler, it is embracing cutting-edge technologies that boost efficiency, optimize quality and save resources – including the TCO 21 comber! 

Today, Zagis S.A. de C.V. is a fourth-generation business with a leading position in the Latin American textile industry. Its spinning and knitting facilities are able to process a huge variety of fibers, with cotton as its main raw material alongside polyester / cotton blends. Its portfolio covers yarns including ring, open end and airjet spinning. And Zagis is now targeting further success worldwide. 

The company operates 13 mills in Mexico that can produce up to 200 tons of yarn and 20 tons of fabric per day in line with international standards. Close cooperation with Trützschler has empowered Zagis to achieve those impressive numbers. As the latest step, it has added TCO 21 combers at its facilities to accelerate progress toward its ambitious growth plans and to produce combed yarns on high quality level.

The TCO 21 at Zagis 

Trust in Trützschler 
“My grandfather founded this business with a sharp focus on the quality of its products and services,” says Rafael Zaga Saba, CEO of Zagis and President of the Mexican Textile Association (CANAINTEX). “That is made possible by state-of-the-art technologies. Trützschler has been a powerful partner for many years. Our factories have operated a great variety of card models and now also combers TCO 21. That shows our deep trust in Trützschler’s machines and technical support.” 

Protecting the planet 
Zagis also has a sharp focus on reducing its environmental footprint. Since 2020, all of its energy consumption has been covered by renewable power. This enables Zagis to avoid 11,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. The company is also a member of the Cotton LEADS program, which connects businesses worldwide to lead progress for sustainable cotton sourcing and production. 

Ambition for highest quality 
Modern equipment supports Zagis’ ambition to produce highest quality. Trützschler carding machines, for example, achieve high production output with excellent sliver quality. At the same time, they boost energy efficiency and reduce waste. The TCO 21 combers at Zagis in Tepeji del Río are capable of manufacturing 550 nips per hour with outstanding yarn quality with minimum noil level. 

f.l.t.r.: Ralf Grasmehr (Trützschler Area Manager, Customer Service), Mayer Zaga Dichi (Chief Operations Officer at Zagis), Rafael Zaga Saba (CEO Zagis and President of the Mexican Textile Association, CANAINTEX), Frank Dederichs (Managing Director of Trützschler Mexico). 

Sharing success 
“Zagis and Trützschler are both family-owned businesses,” says Rafael Zaga Saba. “On top of that shared history, we have a common set of values about what our work stands for. Quality and efficiency are incredibly important. We have a deep commitment to technological innovation. And we share a vision of a more sustainable future for the textile industry too. That’s why I am so happy about our partnership with Trützschler.” 

For future generations 
Looking ahead, Zagis has a clear strategy to expand its position around the globe. In cooperation with Trützschler, it aims to continue its long track record of meeting customers’ needs. And it is striving to maximize its success while also minimizing its environmental impact for future generations. 

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