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Saturday, February 24, 2024

New Chinese cotton picking machine receives Aussie patent

A mechanical cotton-picking machine developed by Tian Liwen, a researcher at the Institute of Economic Crops of the Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China was given a patent by the Australian Patent Office.

The existing cotton picking machines contain a large number of impurities, due to which the cotton ginners have to repeatedly clean the cotton to remove the impurities, but in the process damage the quality of the fibre.

Tian Liwen has redesigned the cotton picking machine and is the first to use advanced equipment such as a composite foreign fibre cleaner with an alternating dual-channel winding roller structure.

It also has an ultra-large roller bell cleaning machine with a diameter of 860-900 mm to achieve efficient cleaning of raw cotton impurities and effectively solve the problems faced by cotton ginners.

This process has significantly reduced the damage to the cotton fibres and thereby improved the overall quality of the cotton.

“The fibre length, breaking strength, uniformity, and other vital parameters of cotton picked through this new technology has considerably improved and the impurities have declined extensively,” Tian Liwen said.

“The raw cotton produced by this technology will be comparable to the industry-recognized premium quality of Australian and American cotton,” he added.

Previously, this new cotton-picking technology received a patent from the Chinese Patent Office and was tested and used in Awati County, a high-quality cotton production region in Xinjiang.

The Australian patent will ensure that the technology will receive intellectual property protection in Australia, while at the same time, will also improve the overall quality of Xinjiang cotton.

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