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Officina39 expands its innovation portfolio and explores color applications

The Italian company specializing in the sustainable conversion of chemistry applied to textiles, arrives at Kingpins Amsterdam with new advanced solutions in tow. Officina39 has never shied away from advancing its processes and leading the industry when it comes to color and effect explorations, always paying attention to how these processes can affect the world around us. At Kingpins, the company’s booth (no.1 at green pavilion) takes the attendees through the many technologies and processes that compose the Officina39 colorful and denim universe.

First stop is Bleaching Re-play: a theme embodied by two cutting-edge Officina39 top products: Novapress Bleach and Novafoamer Ind/J. Novapress Bleach is an innovative bleaching system that uses the press, to obtain unique geometric shapes, patterns and replicas on denim, with the bleaching effects remaining localized. Novafoamer Ind/J is a permanganate free foaming agent for bleaching effects for the fashion industry and for discharging effects on denim. Compared to conventional systems it comes with advantages for the environment, consuming less water and energy, and it works on different kinds of denim fabric, including those containing elastomer. It gives good results on indigo and black denim and selected dischargeable dyestuffs like Officina39’s Nebudye.

Then, Cool Coating is a process able to provide distinctive coating effects to give fashionable finishing. It employs a metal range of colors and Novapret Crack which used in combination with Recycrom™ grants a vintage look and cracked leather effect to garments.

Officina39’s Just One Step Process shines bright as the innovation that saves time, energy, space and of course water, by combining several phases of the Aqualess Mission at the same time: a raw garment enters the machine and a garment with a basic vintage effect comes out ready to be dried, already treated, bleached and softened. Now by using a combination of Aqualess Activator, Aqualess Aged new 120, Oz-One powder/Smart Bleach the Biella-based company is able to produce garments with a “Vintage Bleaching effect” in a single step, avoiding intermediate drying.

Finally, the last stop takes the shape and color of the multicolor universe that comes alive with Officina39’s ranges of dyes on denim achieving a variety of effects using:

  • Novantic: a set of superficial dyes offering a “washed-out look” or “old look” effect, very
    similar to pigment dyeing. Novantic dyes come with brilliant and deep shades, and ensure
    good reproducibility, better than pigment dyeing.
  • Novakor: A complete dischargeable dyestuffs range.
  • Nebudye: Dyestuffs to obtain special vintage dyeing effect on machineries using nebulized
    fog systems.

Color Exploration flagship application is used within the Recycrom Ready to Dye, a range of 15 standard ready in stock colors, obtained from a minimum of 65% recycled textile pre- and post-consumer materials, representing the go-to option for brands choosing sustainable dyeing.

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