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Recycled cotton produced from textile waste by Spanish materials

Valdese Weavers the US based company established in 1935 has launched a new collection using recycled cotton produced from textile waste by Spanish materials science company Recover.

Valdese Weavers is a well-known American manufacturer of home textiles. The company is located in Valdese, North Carolina, and has a rich history in the textile industry. Please note that there may have been developments or changes since then.

Valdese Weavers specializes in the design and production of a wide range of woven fabrics for various applications, including upholstery, bedding, and other home furnishings. The company has been known for its commitment to quality and innovation in textile manufacturing.

Like many modern companies, Valdese Weavers have initiatives or practices in place to address sustainability concerns in the textile industry. This could include the use of eco-friendly materials, responsible production processes, and recycling efforts.

Supplying fabric to furniture manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, Valdese says that by supplying the Recycled Claim Standard and GRS verified Recover recycled fibre, it will help brands and retailers reduce their environmental impact caused by virgin raw material production.

An official of Valdese Weavers said Recover compliments company’s sustainable product offering by helping create a more circular material solution. He hoped that by working with the Recover team Valdese Weavers would be able to develop more responsible textile solutions for its customers.

Recover’s flagship material, which is made from recycled post-industrial and post-consumer waste, is said to use significantly less water, energy and land than conventional cotton. Alfredo Ferre, CEO at Recover added: “The textile industry needs new solutions and collaborations across its supply chain, which is why we are excited to team up with Valdese Weavers and expand our product to the upholstery and home textile segment.

Recover in August, teamed up with US apparel retailer Lands’ End to launch a ‘low impact’ denim collection. It also recently teamed up with C&A on a new collection as part of a four-year strategic partnership. And, earlier this year, Recover entered into a partnership with Swiss spinning machinery manufacturer Rieter in a bid to increase the use of recycled textiles as raw materials.

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