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Sri Lanka’s largest rooftop installation with a strong focus on sustainability

The company has a strong focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. They have implemented various solar initiatives to minimize their environmental impact and ensure ethical labor practices throughout their supply chain. MAS Holdings is known for its commitment to innovation, investing in research and development to create cutting-edge fabrics and technologies for the apparel industry.

Befor to Project Photone launched in 2017, MAS Holdings operated just 1.7MW of solar capacity scattered across various locations. With the group’s commitment to fast-tracking the switch to renewable energy, it quickly added 16MW of solar power across 18 locations over the next few years.

With the completion of phase II, an additional 6MW has brought MAS’s total generation capacity to 23.7MW, enough to power approximately 34,000 households. The company claims that Project Photon proudly has its own experienced engineering teams that can take on renewable energy projects of any scale anywhere in the world.”

Expanding to 7MW, it is Sri Lanka’s largest rooftop installation and helps reduce the park’s electricity requirements by around 20 percent. Employing 12,000 people, the industrial park is already known for its environmental practices, including an on-site 10-acre forest and waste upcycling plants.

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