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Superba’s new MCD/3 space dyeing machine at ITMA 2019


Superba, a Vandewiele company, will introduce the latest version of its MCD/3 space dyeing machine for carpets at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona from June 20-26, along with further new developments in heat-setting, texturizing and winding technologies.

Suberba leads the field in heat-setting machines, having installed more than 350 of its TVP3 lines for all types of carpet yarns, whether polyester, polypropylene, polyamide PAN, wool or blends. A further 80 LV3 models for acrylic yarns are also now successfully running at carpet plants around the world.

The latest MCD/3 space dyeing machine is meanwhile capable of handling a layer of 72 ends with an unequalled range of spot length – especially for the ultra-short spots of below 25mm.thus enabling “one-pile/one-color” process on the carpet.

In combination with a TVP3 heat-setting line, it can space dye polyester or polyamide yarns with up to six colours and also allow special dyeing effects such as bi-colour printing to be achieved. For acrylic yarns, the MCD/3 can similarly be combined with Superba’s new high capacity DL/5 setting line.

Further synergies are possible with Vandwiele weaving or tufting machines, with all technologies now being equipped for machine-to-machine interaction and learning, as part of the company’s comprehensive TEXconnect programme. The company’s sensors, software programmes and servers have become increasingly sophisticated and the real-time data from different machines – across connected manufacturing sites and across different countries and even continents – can be collected and shared.

– The new RCE2+ Rug and Carpet Expert weaving machine – a truly digital workhorse, with all yarns continuously controlled and measured and the difficult bobbin changes of the past completely eliminated due to Vandewiele’s latest Fast Creel
– The new VSi32 Velvet Smart Innovator jacquard, in combination with the latest Smart Creel, for the production of Italian velvet – combining the potential of flat woven jacquard fabrics with pile yarns leading to the potential for the creation of whole new range of fabrics for the home and for fashion.
– The INCA (interlacing by non-continuous air) system for BCF extrusion systems – a new method for intermingling BCF yarns which greatly improves tangle knot uniformity for significant cost savings.
– The Vandewiele Cobble Colortec L+, which is now the most versatile tufting machine available on the market.
– A range of jacquards from Vandewiele Bonas, demonstrated across ITMA 2019 above flat weaving machines from the industry leaders, as well as Vandiele’s own RCE2+.
– The completely revised Titan 5540 carpet finishing machine from Vandewiele Titan, which is now able to accommodate carpets with straight, round and complexly-shaped corners simultaneously.
– The Vandewiele Protechna Arraycam 5420 optical inspection system which is suitable for    monitoring standard fabrics on all common tricot warp knitting machines.
– The latest IRO-ROJ weft insertion technologies.



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