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Sustainable Textile Production in Pakistan by Mr Holger Fischer


Inspiring Change Conference 2019 | Presentation Details
Who: Mr Holger Fischer. Managing Director. Euro Centra Company Ltd. | Company of Wünsche Group
What: Sustainable Textile Production in Pakistan
When: Friday, August 02, 2019
Where: Pearl Continental Lahore, Pakistan.

Mr Holger Fischer, Managing Director – Euro Centra Company Ltd., was born on Feb 22, 1958 in Dusseldorf, Germany. He has a degree in Economics, English and Sports.

He has been showing his excellence in textile business since more than 30 years and in Pakistan since 1995. He became the managing director of Euro Centra Pakistan in 2007.

Euro Centra Pakistan belongs to the German WÜNSCHE-Trading Group with Head-Offices in Hamburg (Germany) and Hong Kong.

In Pakistan, Euro Centra is focusing on sustainable textile & shoe production projects. Euro Centra Pakistan has a vision to make global customers aware that Pakistan is a well-developed sourcing market for textiles and shoes especially under regards of “Sustainability” and “Social Compliances”.



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