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The Indonesian government encourages green textile production

To increase awareness and encourage sustainable means of textile and garment production, the Indonesian Ministry of Industry has introduced the Green Industrial Standard Certificate.

Textile and apparel manufacturers undergo a rigorous certification process by the Green Industry Certification Institute.

This process establishes that the textile company meets compliance with green industry standards, especially in fabric dyeing and printing.

The Ministry of Industry has opened various centers that help and guide textile and garment industries toward adopting sustainable production practices.

Evaluation of the green industry certification implementation program in 2022 shows a significant positive impact.

The evaluation reveals that there was a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 37 percent, water efficiency by 21 percent, and energy efficiency by 28 percent.

A partnership between the Ministry of Industry and the Government Goods & Services Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP) has resulted in the formulating of a green catalog.

The Indonesian government’s various ministries, departments, and agencies will prioritize purchasing the locally environmentally friendly products listed in the catalog.

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