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The Indonesian textile sector is concerned by the non-implementation of regulating imports

The Indonesian textile industry is expectantly waiting for the government to implement the policy of banning or restricting large-scale imports of legally and illegally imported textiles.

However, the Indonesian Fiber and Filament Yarn Producers Association (APSyFI) expressed concern regarding the slow implementation of this rule.

The Chairman of APSyFI, Redma Gita Wirawasta, stated that the industry is still waiting to implement these regulations.

“This is an urgent issue considering the impact of continued textile imports, which are detrimental to domestic industry,” Wirawasta added.

President Jokowi has given orders since October 6 to complete it in two weeks, but even after two months, there is still no clarity,” Redma observed.

APSyFI voiced the concern because the policy is still in the transition process.

According to a Director in the Ministry of Industry, SA Cahyono, implementing border import regulations requires a transition time because goods have been imported according to old rules.

“This transition period is needed to accommodate imports that have been taking place under previous regulations,” he said.

In October, the Ministry of Industry announced that it would tighten controls or regulate the flow of imported textiles, which has profoundly impacted the domestic industry.

Eight commodities, including textile goods, will experience changes in regulations from post-border to border.

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