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The KARL MAYER GROUP reduces its ecological footprint when using energy

The KARL MAYER GROUP is committed to environmental protection and is not only focussing on its textile products and machine technology solutions, but also on its own value chain.

The Group’s largest photovoltaic system to date has just been installed at its headquarters in Obertshausen. “With a total output of 2.4 MWp, we will be able to generate over 35% of the total electricity consumption at the site ourselves,” explains Michael Sustelo, Head of Facility Management at the KARL MAYER GROUP, on the benefits of the investment. This important step towards sustainability was preceded by extensive planning. The large-scale project was coordinated and conceptualised together with the electricity grid operators, authorities, insurance company, experts and fire brigade.

Work has now begun on realising the plans. Following the construction of a stable substructure, the first photovoltaic elements were installed on the roof of the assembly hall in Obertshausen on 16 February 2023. This will be followed by the step-by-step conversion of other roofs. If everything goes according to plan, around 6,000 modules will have been installed on an area of approx. 12,000 m² and over 60,000 metres of cable laid by the middle of the year.

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