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Trützschler confirms place as trendsetting pioneer, the new card generates great excitement

This innovative card inspired our customers – while confirming Trützschler as the trendsetting pioneer for textile machinery. From smart functions to sustainable features, the new card generated a lot of excitement. And the successful launch event in Milan is now followed by the sales release of our TC 30i. 

Key benefits and highlights 
The TC 30i offers a huge range of groundbreaking new features and fascinating details. But there are three benefits that our customers are particularly excited about: 

  1. High levels of performance and yarn quality thanks to 35 % more active flats and 14 % increased carding length in combination with the intelligent gap optimizer T-GO. 
  2. Operator-independent, consistent results thanks to automatic and continuous carding gap setting with T-GO. 
  3. More sustainable and economical use of raw materials thanks to a redesigned suction system that collects different types of waste separately – enabling 50 % of card waste to be reused. The TC 30i also comes with the proven WASTECONTROL system – an easy-to-use and effective assurance against unnecessary fiber loss. 
The TC30i at the ITMA 2023 in Milan.
More active flats for better quality and more sustainability

A model for each application 
We are also launching a version of this card specifically developed for textile recycling. It answers technical challenges in processing secondary fibers like high short fiber content, on average shorter fibers and yarn and fabric particles. 

The redesigned suction system caught a lot of interest.

Carding soon… 
The TC 30i is a pioneering new card with the power to maximize quality – while capturing imaginations too. 

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