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Trützschler service goes digital

Everybody has felt the pain of digital tech that creates more problems than solutions – but our new service will make sure that won’t happen to you. Digital Start-Up is a special service that helps our customers get maximum value from Trützschler’s digital solutions. From personalized configurations through to analyzing data and optimizing production processes in real time, you can rely on Digital Start-Up to support your yarn production processes.

Entering the virtual space
Every day, technical service experts from Trützschler visit customers around the globe. We travel to Brazil, India, Türkiye, the USA… and now we’re adding another location to the list: The virtual space. Our Trützschler Services team works with you to make sure you feel the full benefit of our digital solutions for yarn production.

Digital Start-up: A new and exclusive service
Now, all customers that commission a new installation can also access our new service: Digital Start-Up. This comprehensive onboarding program generates quick wins from Day One and will help you achieve top levels of performance for many years. It offers:

  • Guided onboarding for our all-in-one platform My Trützschler including My Mill, Training, Shop and much more.
  • On-site training for all machines and services.
  • Digital audits that combine online and on-site guidance, training and troubleshooting.

During digital audits, technical experts from Trützschler guide and train each customer’s team based on specific real-time data from our mill monitoring system My Mill. By working closely in this way, you can get your mill to 100 % performance faster than ever, while also learning how to finetune your unique processes on your own. Online support is always available to help you solve issues quickly and achieve stable yarn quality.

With you everywhere
The My Trützschler platform offers the best way to keep track of all digital solutions. It provides seamless access to your digital Trützschler world, with important insights from digital services including My Mill, Training, Shop and My Wires. The My Identity tool ensures safe access on any device, anywhere – and it saves you time with single sign-on authentication. The digital Trützschler world is growing all the time. Find out about the latest apps and services on My Trützschler.

  • Stay up-to-date, anywhere and all the time.
  • Order parts and components online quickly and easily (My Shop).
  • Upskill your employees with online training activities (My Training).
  • Expert know-how to improve the performance of your Mill (My Mill).

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