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Twine solutions, new digital thread dyeing


The application of dyes or pigments on fiber, yarn or fabric has been done to achieve the color with desired fastness. Twin has revolutionized the textile industry by shifting the simple thread dyeing into clean digital thread dyeing.

Twin solution, an Israeli technology, will publicized its digital dyeing of raw and off-the-shelf white thread including Coats thread, immediately on demand to create unique shades and color, at international ITMA 2019 Show going to be held at Barcelona on 20-26 June.

Alon Moshe, CEO at Twin, commented “The Twin digital dyeing system for thread unveil the thread power when touch the button. The digital progressions are thought-provoking for production and environmental impact. Therefore, Twin Digital thread dyeing system will provide social, economic and highly sustainable environmental benefits”. This system saves inventory costs, 70L water per 1kg of thread dyeing and offers minimum discharge.

The digitally dyed thread could be used for various application like shoes, apparel, sports or active wear, upholstery, home decor and many more.



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