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Unaffordability of sustainable apparel forcing youngsters to buy affordable alternatives

A research commissioned by climate communications agency 33Seconds and Earthtopia revealed that because of the cost-of-living crisis younger consumers say they can no longer afford to shop sustainably.

The study titled ‘A Window on Net Zero Culture’, was conducted involving around 1,000 people aged 16 40 40 g-found that 53 percent of respondents stated that they’d prioritise purchasing affordable items over sustainable alternatives. The sustainable clothing they say are often priced beyond their budgets.

The findings reveal that between the two generations, the millennials who are slightly more likely to consider climate change discussions within their purchasing habits, when compared to their younger counterparts. Around 52 percent of millennials surveyed stated that they would not prefer to purchase from a brand which is known for greenwashing. Only 45 percent of gen z respondents said the same.

Majority of the respondents revealed that they find it difficult to determine which brands are genuinely sustainable and which are not. Only 47 percent of respondents believed that brands are working hard to be more sustainable.

Additional responses reveal that 62 percent of the surveyed 16–40-year-olds believe that governments are most responsible for advocating and enacting change to support the climate. While 53 percent think that businesses are also acting responsibly.

Researchers said that sustainable products are often cheaper in the long run due to their reusability. However, their higher upfront costs can make it difficult for many young people to buy due to inflationary pressures.

The report urges the that governments to do more to level this playing field by imposing taxes on those companies that produce low quality, plastic-heavy, and energy-intensive products, and, give incentives to those producing more affordable sustainable alternatives.”

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