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Vietnamese workshop on sustainable apparel production 

A workshop is being organised on December 1, in Ho Chi Minh City which will focus on improving competitiveness for textile and garment enterprises and help the industry towards going green.

Representatives from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) will give a presentation on the increasing circularity and sustainable trends in the industry.

According to experts, Vietnamese textile and apparel factories lack the motivation to transform their manufacturing into sustainable means of production.

The textile and garment sector is facing challenges of converting production to make it more sustainable, thereby meeting the requirements of US and EU brands and retailers.

The workshop is being held to help Vietnamese companies improve their competitiveness and guide them on the path to meet the requirements of green and sustainable production.

Greening the textile industry is a race for many garment brands around the world with a series of environmentally responsible standards and codes of conduct being applied to suppliers.

With increasingly stricter regulations in the EU and US, Vietnamese garment enterprises are facing the risk of maintaining their dominance in the global supply chain.

In the first ten months of the current year, Vietnamese textile and clothing exports are facing a major decline, mainly due to reduced purchasing in their main markets.

Between January and October 2023, textile and garment exports totaled US $27.8 billion, down $4 billion or 12.5 percent year on year.

In the same period, fiber exports also fell to $3.65 billion, down 10.5 percent from a year ago period.

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