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Wood part of knitwear fabrics

Danish fashion brand Object, owned by global fashion company Bestseller, and OnceMore from Södra, the Swedish forest cooperative, have joined forces in Object’s latest collection.

Bestseller brand focuses on its environmental impact in new collaboration with OnceMore in upcoming collection. OnceMore enables a fabric made from recycled textiles and wood from responsibly managed forests.

Object is expanding its fabric portfolio with OnceMore in its latest Spring collection set for release this month. Rooted in a philosophy that celebrates creativity and beautiful quality, Object’s collaboration with OnceMore heralds a new chapter in its journey, weaving the innovative OnceMore recycled fibre into their fabric portfolio.

OnceMore is said to stand at the forefront of textile innovation as the premier global solution for the large-scale recycling of blended fabrics. The pioneering process transforms textile waste and merges it with wood sourced from sustainably managed forests to produce a high-quality textile pulp, that then becomes viscose.

Object has incorporated the OnceMore pulp into its latest Spring collection in the form of three knitted tops which embody Object’s design aesthetic – simple, effortless, and versatile. Each piece is a blend of at least 20 percent recycled textile combined with renewable wood cellulose from Södra’s responsibly managed forests. These pieces are a tangible manifestation of the OnceMore ethos – return, revive, reduce.

Charlotte Neergaard Madsen, Sustainability and Sourcing Responsible at Object said the company is thrilled to collaborate with OnceMore to integrate their technology into its garments. This isn’t just about making fashion; it’s about making a difference. She said each item Object designs carries the legacy of the brand – to create what endures and to do so with care. Our partnership with OnceMore enables us to take a significant leap towards the future we envision for fashion she added.

OnceMore is a part of Södra, Sweden’s largest forest owners’ association with a deep-rooted belief in community and sustainability, and echoes Object’s passion for longevity in the pieces they create. With OnceMore, we’re transforming textile waste into valuable materials, marking a step towards more thoughtful resource use. Our work with Object highlights the potential of collaboration in moving towards more mindful approaches in the textile industry,” said Angeline Elfström, Business Development Manager OnceMore at Södra.

“The upcoming collection embodies the essence of both brands – Object’s signature style and OnceMore’s pioneering innovation. As we forge ahead, this collaboration serves as the foundation for future collaborations where mindful choices and style walk hand in hand.”

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