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Wool yarn developer Sudwolle to produce denim fabric though joint venture with Greek Pepper Vally

Pepper Vally and Südwolle have joined hands to produce denim fabrics from wool which they claim will have high levels of sustainability.

Südwolle Group is a leading manufacturer of pure wool and wool blend yarns. They are known for their high-quality products and innovative designs. The company was founded in 1966 in Nuremberg, Germany, and has since grown to become a global player in the yarn industry.

Südwolle specializes in spinning yarns made from natural fibers, especially wool sourced from merino sheep. They offer a wide range of yarns in different weights, blends, and colors, catering to the needs of various markets such as fashion, sports, and home textiles. One of Südwolle’s key strengths is its focus on sustainability.

Pepper Vally is a Greek fashion brand known for its high-quality knitwear and unique designs. Pepper Vally’s collections often feature handcrafted knitwear made from luxurious yarns, showcasing intricate patterns and textures. The brand is committed to sustainable and ethical practices, using natural materials and supporting local artisans.

The focus of the project between Pepper Vally and Südwolle is denim; the two partners have said they want to use wool to make denim fabrics with high levels of sustainability.

In what Pepper Vally has called “an effort to create a denim line that transcends fleeting fashion trends’ ‘, it worked with Südwolle on “pioneering fabric manufacturing methods”. Turning away from traditional weaving methods, the partners decided to knit the denim.

They have said the result is a fabric that is lighter, more elastic and durable than traditional denim, with a low environmental impact. Yarn choices include a blend of merino wool and Tencel, and a blend of merino and Coolmax, selected for durability, temperature regulation and water resistance.

Südwolle said the resulting garments are stylish, attractive and environmentally friendly and that they “challenge conventional notions of jeans”.

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