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Yarn tracing assured through Haelixa and Oerlikon Manmade Fibers Solutions joint efforts

Haelixa the – DNA-marking specialist has teamed up with textile technology manufacturer Oerlikon Manmade Fibers Solutions to provide greater traceability in textile products.

Haelixa is a Swiss technology company that focuses on providing solutions for traceability and transparency in supply chains, particularly in the textile and fashion industries.

The company specializes in using DNA-based markers to trace and verify the origin and authenticity of products. This technology allows for the tracking of materials throughout the entire supply chain, providing a way to ensure ethical sourcing and sustainability.

Oerlikon is a global technology and engineering company based in Switzerland. It operates in various industries, including surface solutions, manmade fibers, drive systems, and additive manufacturing.

Oerlikon has a diverse range of products and services, such as coating technologies, textile machinery, components for drive systems, and advanced materials. The company is known for its innovations in materials science and engineering.

Following its agreement with Oerlikon, which offers a range of fibrde and yarn manufacturing technology, the DNA marker will be fed in at the spinning process stage along with the preparation oil’s application. More feeding options are also currently being considered.

This innovative technology according to a Haelixa official, employs distinct DNA tailored for each project, establishing a unique identity for the material. The DNA once integrated into the material, becomes irremovable, impervious to falsification or alteration.”

The Haelixa technology is also complemented by Oerlikon’s digital platform, which, known as Atmos.io, records and evaluates extensive production and process data during the yarn manufacturing process. The technology can also be used to monitor the production process. Thus any deviations in process parameters and yarn data can be identified and rectified within a concise timeframe, which in turn keeps the yarn quality stable and reduces waste.

A representative of Oerlikon claimed combining both technologies enables clear traceability of the yarn produced, even in the downstream process steps. The qualities, manufacturing conditions, and origin of yarn components are traced beyond doubt in the finished garment.

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