Home Textile Biancalani launches The Technologist Club Laboratory – a one-stop solutions provider

Biancalani launches The Technologist Club Laboratory – a one-stop solutions provider

Biancalani launches The Technologist Club Laboratory – a one-stop solutions provider

Textile machinery manufacturer Biancalani has launched the Technologist Club Laboratory where specialists with around 30 years of experience are available to answer customers’ questions with their knowledge, expertise and abilities. Their message, as reported is, “Here at TClab we are waiting for your fabrics, because not only are we going to improve it according to your needs, but we will give customised and successful inputs to your R&D,  ultimately, we will help you fix any kind of issue concerning fabrics you may face.”

Today, creations by design offices are at the heart of fashion and the home decor business. Showing clients beautiful fabrics is not enough anymore. Today, fashion and textile worlds are bound to eco-sustainability, certifications, innovation, quality and comfort. That is what makes the difference when big brands decide which fabrics to buy. And that is why research and development are the foundation of successful production and selling strategies.

The Technologist Club by Biancalani boasts of having all the right experts with all the right answers.

What does “belonging to the TClab” mean? Clients take real advantage from an on-going support during the whole machinery lifespan, before and after the installation of the production line. Belonging to the TClab means obtaining highly specific information concerning what follows:

Parameters setting

Path to follow and how to develop the best solutions

Products and chemical treatments to be chosen among others

New manufacturing processes the client wants to develop

Last but not least, the TClab makes sure the client has an informed and safe approach to the machinery, so that they can get the most out of it. 

Which finishing processes the TClab deals with? The answer to this question may seem a bit bold, but it’s the only possible one: any kind of process. From fulling and wool fabrics washing with IDRA and MILLA, to wet manufacturing, drying and special treatments with AIRO® and AIRO®24, from knitted fabric dimensional stability control with BRIO® to enzyme and other washings with AQUARIA®, until those processes the customer still doesn’t imagine or dare realize. The TClab ensures a full consultancy on any kind of fabric and knitted fabric manufacturing process, in order to show what Biancalani textile machineries can actually do for the client.

The TClab sends a clear message: “Send us your fabrics, we are on it.”



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