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CHT Group Sustainability Report 2023 now available online

The Sustainability Report 2023, which is now digitally available, provides important insights into the past financial year and clearly summarizes the main ecological, economic and social developments. Sustainability is an integral part of the corporate strategy of the CHT Group.

– The CHT Group uses the terms PEOPLE, PLANET and PERFORMANCE to emphasize its commitment to the 3 dimensions of sustainability worldwide and sets itself further goals. The CHT Group consistently aligns its sustainability strategy with all three ESG dimensions.

– Responsibility for sustainability lies with the Chief Sustainability Officer

– Climate protection plays a central role worldwide – the corporate carbon footprint (Scope 1-3) 2023 adds up to 456 kt CO2(e)

– The Group is pursuing the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2045

– At the end of 2021, the CHT Group signed up to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and committed to the 1.5 °C target

– SBTi has validated the CHT Group’s reduction targets – by 2030, Scope 1+2 emissions will be reduced by – 42 % and Scope 3 emissions by -25 %. 82 % of sales were achieved with sustainably classified products

– In 2024 EcoVadis awards the CHT Group’s sustainability management with the Gold level for the first time

Sustainability as part of the CHT DNA
The issue of sustainability has been anchored in the DNA of the internationally active, foundation-owned group of companies for over 70 years. This has resulted in no less an ambition than to support all customers with the most innovative and most sustainable products and solutions and thus become the leading provider of sustainable chemical products and solutions in all target markets. A communication concept has been developed to make this clear. The aim of the concept is to review all decisions and measures based on their contribution to People, Planet and Performance.

Transparent communication
Open and transparent communication with all stakeholders, especially customers and suppliers, is of crucial importance. This is illustrated first and foremost by the company’s now updated and comprehensive sustainability reporting.

The current edition of the annual CHT Sustainability Report for the year 2023 is now available in website format. The report is based on the GRI standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Since 2015, the CHT Group has been using comprehensive sustainability reporting to document its ongoing successful transformation into a sustainably operating group of companies that is well prepared for the challenges of the EU Green Deal and mandatory ESG reporting.

The focus of the report is once again on climate reporting and the company’s social responsibility within and along the supply and value chains.

“Climate neutrality” as a central field of action

“Climate neutrality” plays a central role in the implementation of the CHT Group’s sustainability strategy. The CHT Group has set itself the goal of being climate-neutral both in its own production and in the supply chain from 2045. The path to climate neutrality by 2045 is illustrated within the report as part of the strategic goals.

Comprehensive social responsibility as part of sustainability
In addition to climate protection, social responsibility is also a top priority for the CHT Group. The continuous improvement of health protection and occupational health and safety is a top priority for the company.

From CHT’s point of view, qualified and committed employees contribute significantly to the future success of the company. For this reason, the CHT Group promotes the professional and personal development of its workforce to a high degree and invests in future-oriented and targeted training and further education for its staff.

Respect for human rights in our own plants, but above all in the supply chain, was brought to the fore in 2023 through the use of new tools. Not only was comprehensive compliance training made mandatory for all employees in the Group, but an international whistleblower tool, SpeakUp, was also introduced.

The supply chain is evaluated using a multi-stage process starting with a risk assessment, via a questionnaire up to sustainability audits.

The implementation of sustainability targets and the transformation to climate neutrality must be financed. To achieve this, CHT Group need to market sustainable chemical solutions profitably worldwide.

The Sustainability Report 2023 can be downloaded from the following link: https://sustainability-report.cht.com/

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