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CHT Textile Dyes App – The Dyer’s Best Friend

The CHT Textile Dyes App presents itself in a new, contemporary design that is more interactive and user-friendly than ever before. For more than ten years, the CHT Textile Dyes App has been a loyal companion in the textile industry. Numerous helpful features and information are now much easier to access thanks to the updated design and functionality.

The CHT Textile Dyes App gives you constant access to the entire CHT dye and pigment portfolio. Among other things, it contains shade cards with the most important technical data and digitalized color samples. Product profiles and process recommendations as well as information about auxiliaries provide an even more detailed insight into products and processes. The latest information on product developments, innovations and trends can be found in the app’s ´news´. Furthermore, the app displays the certifications of each dye and pigment and therefore illustrates CHT’s high quality standards.

The app also includes cutting-edge, free in-app calculation programs that assist users in producing their goods in a safer, more economical, and environmentally friendlier manner by effectively saving vital resources like water, electricity, and time during the production stages. These programs, which can be used in the app for free and are unique on the market, are:

BEZAKTIV Soaping Advisor: The calculation program provides a predictive calculation of the fastness rating of dyeing with BEZAKTIV dyes, which allows the optimum rinsing process to be determined and subsequently used.

BEZAKTIV ONE Calculator: Calculates the total saving potential of all resources when dyeing with BEZAKTIV ONE dyes compared to commodity dyes and the conventional process recommendations.

BEMACRON Advisor: Calculation of the optimum dyeing gradient and process for dyeing polyester with BEMACRON dyes.

WellVAT: Calculates exactly the right quantities of auxiliaries and chemicals for the efficient and ecological application of BEZATHREN dyes.

CHT Dyer’s Toolbox: Everything a dyer needs. Useful calculations and conversions for all dyeing subject matters with this collection of useful

CHT Recipe Advisor (CO): For calculating exactly the right and individual quantities of chemicals when dyeing CO or CV with BEZAKTIV or

CHT Textile Standard Finder: Search quickly and easily for the most important textile eco-standards (certifications and labels) applicable to all CHT dyes.

CHT Calculator: Classical in-app calculator for common calculations.

The CHT Textile Dyes App is the perfect companion for every dyer, printer, textile technician, operator, lab technician, salesperson, and any other stakeholder along the textile chain. Hence “THE DYER’S BEST FRIEND”. Use the app to access everything you need: detailed shade cards, product profiles, handy calculators to find unique and sustainable solutions, process recommendations for exceptional color results, product certifications and much more.

Discover the colorful world of textile dyeing and download the app today for free from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

CHT Switzerland AG – the provider and owner of the CHT Textile Dyes App – serves as the dyestuff competence center within the CHT Group – an industry leader that functions as a strategic, innovative, and sustainable partner of the textile industry. The comprehensive range of high-quality textile dyes, pigments and auxiliaries covers the entire textile value chain and focuses on sustainable solutions. One of the focus points is the development of products, calculation programs and processes that save resources such as water, energy, and time.

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