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Cotton picking activities in full swing in China’s Xinjiang region

Cotton picking activities in the autonomous region of Xinjiang in China, a region that accounts for 90 percent of Chinese cotton production are in full swing.

Nearly 25 percent of the cotton cultivated in the region has reached the maturity stage and the weather is also benefiting harvesting activity.

More than 6,900 cotton-picking machines have been employed in the cotton farms of the region to ensure that mechanised cotton harvesting is completed as scheduled.

All cotton farmers in the region are using machines to harvest the cotton crop as against cotton picking done by hand earlier.

This is because, over the past few years, the efficiency in cotton picking of mechanised machines has improved from 80 percent earlier to 95 percent now.

Media reports stated that the mechanised mode of cotton harvesting in Xinjiang will start from the north of the region and will gradually move south.

The Department of Agriculture has also established an emergency service support coordination group which will take care of urgent servicing and supply of spare parts of the mechanised harvesting machines.

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