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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Current challenges facing the Turkish textile market

Textile companies and manufacturers in Türkiye said they are adapting to the evolving norms and dynamics of the Western world and textile industry, which is ever-changing.

Türkiye’s textile manufacturers reveal a new set of opportunities that are helping the sector to overcome high inflation and manufacturing costs. A representative from Toraman Tekstil highlighted three main challenges plaguing the industry: decreasing demand, inflation and labour cost.

He began by explaining there’s a decrease in demand with increased yarn prices while the whole world is dealing with inflationary pressures, including Europe which is also a major buyer. He pointed out that buyers often hope to keep the same price for a garment as the year before, quoting issues like rising inflation, increasing energy prices and no substantial rise in salaries. In addition to this, the Red Sea crisis and the simultaneous war between Russia and Ukraine, has together led to a 50% decline in orders compared to last year, he said.

The recent rise in minimum wages for Türkiye’s apparel and textile sector has resulted in higher labour costs, subsequently driving up production costs within the country.

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