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Demsan presents high-class rolling and precision plaiting machines at Gtex Lahore

Demsan is the pioneer company from Turkey manufacturing and exporting stenters, roller drying machines, inspection machines, palletizing machines, and fabric folding machines. The Demsan M2/K3-14 Precision Plaiting Machines makes double folding precision plaiting and the fabric is folded for each one-meter yarding machine for grey woven fabrics. The machine offers a working width of 1800 mm up to 3600 mm with different heights from 1400 mm to 2500 mm. It has a dancer waltz system for pulling from a batcher and proper edge control by photocell. The speed control is adjustable between 0-40 m/min. There is an automatic tray-down system according to the thickness of the fabric and illumination group. The roll basket, brushing, and dust suction device are optional in this machine.

According to Mr. Farooq Zakaria of Zakaria Trading International, “A Lahore-based company “Edrak” has installed software for Demsan machines in Nishat, Sapphire, Kohinoor, Bhanero, and Shekhani Industries and we are very much satisfied with this software specially designed for Demsan machines.”

He added, “We have sold our new Demsan machines to the Nishat Denim Unit and presently installation is in progress and will be completed by this week. Technicians from Turkey are in Pakistan for the installation of new machines. Besides Nishat, we are installing our Palletizing machine in Faisal Spinning and this is our new installation in the Punjab region.”

Speaking about the new Demsan tension system Mr. Tuncey said, “For the Pakistani market, we are working on a special tension system. This tension system can be used in existing Demsan machines of our customers to improve tensionless inspection and rolling. We are offering this tension system and palletizing machines to our customers in Pakistan.”

RB/L-11 Rolling Machine is a wide-screened machine for inspecting and rolling of woven fabrics. It stops automatically at the finish or the required meterage. The calibration values can be separately defined for each type of fabric (99 pieces). The rolling basket, stainless steel cleaning basin, and stainless steel front panel as well as weighing roll by connecting printer writing barcode label is are optional in this machine.

PAC-2 has a 4-6 bar pneumatic system with adjustable tunnel temperature with a thermometer. The tunnel and feeding conveyor speed are also adjustable in this machine. The sealing bar is Teflon coated and controlled by a thermometer and tunnel conveyor rolls are silicone-coated. It gives an output of 80-100 packs/hour with a two-zone tunnel heating system.

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