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Digital Printing – Adelco introduces Hybrid digital systems


Adelco, a UK based manufacturer of jet-air conveyor drying systems and oval automatic screen printing presses serving the international garment printing industry focuses on increasing output speeds and reducing print costs.

Mr Mark Smith, Managing Director Adelco Screen Process, said, “In the digital garment printing sector, new hybrid digital systems provide extremely soft hand print results and are providing the combination of screen, digital, foil, flock and specialty inks all in one machine such as the new Adelco AD Hybrid printer and New Matrix Oval screen print machine combination. Kornit has also introduced their new HD digital garment printer technology which provides up to 46 per cent reduction in digital garment print costs and increased print speed and resolution. Adelco has been at the forefront in providing the best curing solutions for the Kornit range of digital garment printers for many years producing airflow and exhaust systems to be the most effective solution for curing their wet on wet fixation and ink technology”.

Digital printing for the garment sector is growing by 30% annually and further growth is expected considering reduced printing cost and high printing speed. Latest technology in textile printing is the hybrid digital systems.

Adelco’s jet air conveyor drying systems have a complex and high velocity hot air curing chamber and exhaust system carefully balance to ensure stable temperatures and efficient exhaust of water and other chemical ink and pre-treatment systems. Adelco dryers are eco-friendly and gas dryers are the most efficient, lowering the company’s carbon footprint and are officially registered with the Carbon Trust.

Adelco recently also launched Matrix – oval screen print machine which is fully modular and has chainless pallet link system ensuring longevity and accuracy.



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