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Double the capacity and a softer hand with the latest Biancalani AIRO®24 DUETTO

AIRO®24 is one of Biancalani’s best sellers, with all of air’s natural drying talent, the mechanical softening action resulting in an unmistakable AIRO® HAND, and a versatile setting ready to follow the sustainability path of future trends. Well, AIRO®24 DUETTO by Biancalani Textile Machinery could be described as an AIRO®24 with double capacity but same dimensions. It dries and softens your fabrics like never before. More, in less space. The details are as under:

Lack of space. That is the problem many companies have to face, which means the actual issue of where to place machinery. On the other side, Biancalani has realized that a line made of two AIRO®24, the Tandem version, is simply perfect for certain markets because of its versatility and productivity. That is how AIRO®24 DUETTO ends up becoming the ideal solution as it consists of the “hearts” of two AIRO®24 – the main parts – assembled to optimize space, one of the most valuable assets.

The fabric is processed inside the upper part of AIRO®24 DUETTO first, then in the lower part for a complete and effective double drying and softening action. For a double production capacity.

Biancalani has worked hard to concentrate the capacity of two AIRO®24 tumblers as per softening and drying action and productivity in a super compact size. Even the overall height is not one of two types of machinery, but more in the range of one. As usual, the result of Biancalani’s R&D work is innovative and it got a brand new patent: a great satisfaction for Biancalani who never stops looking for new effective finishing solutions.

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