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MS Printing, Top-notch, productive, and flexible MiniLario

MiniLario – 64 printheads, 8 colors – is the fastest scanning machine in the world earmarked for the textile industry that wants to carry on the revolution within its production chain to face and overcome new challenges. MiniLario is the choice for those searching for flexibility, quality, speed, energy efficiency, and sustainability, all in one.

Fast and reliable
MiniLario is the fastest scanning machine in the world. Its accuracy and reliability standards are ensured by the MS brand awareness.

Industrial productivity
It gives printers the ideal combination of speed, quality, and precision. This allows us to completely change the current Textile Printing standards by scanning machines through constant improvement.

The innovative technical features: Printing carriage
The printing carriage hung on the printing bridge is an innovative solution that allows it to catch up with high speed, accurate precision, and total system stability. Moreover, it simplifies maintenance operations being accessible from 3 sides.

Inlet fabric system
It consists of a heated driven pressure roll, with synchronized mechanical movement, for the best positioning of any fabric on the transportation belt. Moreover, the system is equipped with a spreading-driven helical device to make the introduction of elastic fabrics easier.

Dryer with touch screen control system
MiniLario’s dryer has been developed to fit its operating conditions. It contributes positively to achieving premium system performance.

Printheads established technology
Kyocera printheads are highly robust and designed for textile printing. KJ4B Series is specifically designed for high-speed textile printing.

The head size of 4.25 inches allows to cover more printing surface in one passage only, assuring higher productivity to meet the retailers’ demands in which, the production process is accelerated to get new collections into stores more quickly than the other segments.

Variable drop from 4 to 18 picoliters allows for ensuring the best balance between productivity and printing definition required in textile printing, ensuring high performance and high speed.

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