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Dynawash Limited, the leading washing and dyeing facility from Sri Lanka at Gtex

Dynawash is the only facility in Sri Lanka that can handle any kind of fabrication and the first washing and dyeing facility in South Asia to obtain Bluesign®. They are also awarded by Levi’s and Limited Brands for chemical management systems.

In the recent past, Dynawash managed to invent a dye made out of tea waste. T-Hues is made out of tea waste where the waste is coming out from Lipton Ice tea manufacturing process. This is a patented product we also obtained an Indian patent recently.

For garment dyeing, the carbon footprint will be saved environmentally which is confirmed by LCA. T-Hues color pallet has 52 colors and the colors are made of using 80 to 95% hues and 5 to 20% synthetic dyes so far this product has been used by VSPINK, M&S, NEXT, CLUB MONARCO, TOMMY, ATHLETA, etc.,

Dynawash is also exporting the dyes to Bangladesh and India to various fabric mills and laundries. This product is GOTS and OEKOTEX100 certified.

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