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Al Ameen introduces innovative garment manufacturing solutions at GTex Lahore

Al Ameen is a multidimensional organization specializing in varied services as distributors, engineers, and manufacturers’ representatives. Bridging innovation since 1947, Al Ameen is known for its state-of-the-art technology principles and revolutionary mindset with a history of introducing industrial processes with new automation.

Bringing smart factory solutions from garment stitching to packing, Al Ameen showcased the versatility of innovations at the GTex exhibition at Expo Centre, Lahore (from 22-24 February 2024). Talking to TEXtalks International, K M Zeeshan, Director of Al Ameen stated, “At GTex, we are offering smart factory solutions, including a hanger system on the sewing, from fabric warehousing receiving up to the garment finishing and packing. During a recent visit to Cambodia with a few customers, we showed them the smart factories working for Nike and Adidas, functioning with automation in garment manufacturing. Simultaneously, we have stepped into knits, denim, and chinos automation from Turkey; as for chinos, there are finite companies.”

He further added, “Al Ameen has also been a partner of Brother for the last eight years. We work closely with them to keep 1,200 to 1,500 machines in stock to set up a plant completely and instantly. For knitting and chain stitching, we have one of the finest brands, Hikari from China. We also have a display center in Lahore for Hikari machines where customers come for R&D for famous European brands. This partnership has resulted in positive feedback from the market. Lately, we have started using supporting machines, needle detectors, fusing machines, and finishing equipment such as electric boilers, steam generators, and tables on the concept of energy saving. For finishing and garments, we have Tonello and Triveneta from laser to washing and dyeing, a complete package.”

A few of the technology brands highlighted by Al Ameen at GTex are

Sunrise Intelligent integrated solution
Zhejiang Risun Intelligent is a leading integrated solution provider for intelligent manufacturing systems. It is listed on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board with the stock code 688215. The company was founded in 2009 and owns multiple subsidiary companies, including SUNRISE, Ruifeng Intelligent, Saintwise Intelligent, Oushi Intelligent, Shenyang Risun Intelligent, etc. It specializes in offering comprehensive smart manufacturing solutions for entire factories

New-Tech Sewing Systems
New-Tech started in 1972, by importing machinery from around the world’s leading sewing machine manufacturers and since then has been manufacturing Advanced Automation Systems in Turkey. Currently, the production takes place in a closed area of 5000 Square meters. Their products include chino, jeans, jackets and trouser vending machines, amongst many more.  

Brother world-class industrial sewing machines
Twin Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher with user-intuitive color LCD touch panel and productivity improvement with IoT capabilities. It is equipped with a needle breakage prevention function during reverse sewing. It also has a USB port on an operation panel.

Hikari industrial sewing machines
HIKARI ® is the leading sewing machine manufacturer in the field of innovation with the biggest experience in direct drive technology, which makes a bigger profit in the production site. The HIKARI double needle lockstitch machine is optimized for European requirements: small and middle-sized orders, hard-to-sew fabrics, and high-quality production.

MEASUREfix where precision meets productivity
The patented linear measuring stage offers the highest precision through its industrial high-performance sensors, reduces the risk of mismeasurements and misinterpretations, and avoids errors due to incorrect manual inputs. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency.

SWF Embroidery machines
SB7 is the most advanced multi-head flat machine with excellent quality of SWF and increased maximum speed with adjustment of the height of the presser foot position. It has a SWNS Network system (LAN/WIFI). In addition, it has a 15.1-inch full-touch operational panel, which allows users to view settings and embroidery status easily.

SD Italy smart factory equipment and transportation systems
Increase efficiency and reduce the risks of strategic assets with the automation of IOT and RFID resources. Become Industry 4.0 without complexity. The management of logistics and production within the Textile companies can be significantly improved thanks to RFId and IOT technology.

Groz-Beckert needles, parts, accessories and device
Groz-Beckert produces and Distributes Industrial Needles, Precision Parts, INH, Fine Tools as well as Systems for the textile industry and offers corresponding services.

Tonello sustainable technologies for garment dyeing & finishing market leader worldwide
Since 1981, Tonello has been manufacturing machines and technologies for garment finishing. From washing to dyeing machines, accessories, laser special projects – such as Wake, All-in-One, OBleach, and many others.

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