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Enhancing EU textile regulations through collaboration with trading partners

The EU’s Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles advocates for sustainable practices throughout the textile lifecycle, aiming for all textiles sold in the EU to adhere to circular principles by 2030.

Facilitated by both the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council, a meeting convened policymakers, industry stakeholders, civil society representatives, youth, and academics. Their discussions centered on strategies to advance sustainability and circularity within the textile industry.

Panelists emphasized the necessity for improved information exchange, global product traceability, and collective efforts to combat microplastic pollution. The private sector stressed the importance of clear, universally applicable regulations, as per a UNEP press release.

In addition to promoting eco-design and garment repairability, addressing issues of textile overconsumption and overproduction, and fostering greater collaboration between the industry and emerging designers, were identified as crucial steps towards systemic transformation in the sector.

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